Step 1: Financial Review

We sit down with you (at a place convenient to you - includes remote locations) to find out what's important to you, your family or your business and any financial goals or risks you may have. This allows us to evaluate your situation and make tailored recommendations that are unique to you or your business and take you through our advice process.

Step 2: Analysis

After meeting with you - we will go away and analyse all the information we have collected and research the right insurance products that best serve your needs. This forms the basis of our advice.

Our analysis is tailored towards the best Insurance policy wording for your situation (not necessarily the cheapest deal) as our goal is to make sure you are in an optimal situation if you had to make a claim.

Step 3: Risk Management Proposal

We will meet again and present our Risk Management Proposal (RMP) which will contain personalised advice on how to mitigate your financial risk due to death, disability or illness for you, your family or your business. Each product recommendation will be justified with research. The recommendations are tailored towards the best claims outcome.

Step 4: Implement Risk Management Strategy

Once you are happy with our recommendations, we will complete the Insurer application with you. We will liase between you and the Insurer to make sure that you get the best terms possible.

Step 5: Annual Reviews

Life and therefore situations change and that's understandable - Therefore, we keep in touch on an annual basis to make sure your required services are up to date with your personal circumstances.

Step 6: Claims Management

The last thing you want to be doing during the death, disability or illness to a loved one is to be contacting the Insurance Company and managing the process yourself. Let us take the hassle away and manage the process for you to ensure a smoother experience.