YES! A Personal Financial 101 workshop for us women!! educational, non-promotional initiative to spread financial education to all wahine of Aotearoa (women of New Zealand). This is a nation-wide event and our first pit stop is in Hamilton, our workshop will be available in person AND via livestream! 

This workshop will explore:

πŸ’² Budgeting 101 by Tracy Hemingway

πŸ’² Mortgages 101 by Riona Rameka

πŸ’² Investing 101 by Forrest Denize

πŸ’² KiwiSaver 101 by Maaru Senthil

πŸ’² Insurance 101 by Maaru Senthil

πŸ’² A Story of Financial Resiliency by Tracy Hemingway

Why this Workshop?

πŸ’• Kiwi women rank well behind in personal finance knowledge and practice, when compared to their male counterparts.

πŸ’• Many women receive a healthy income, can afford our lifestyles, and manage everyday finances comfortably. But, the alarming fact is, signs of financial illiteracy doesn’t always present itself earlier on our lives.

πŸ’• It’s not until pre-retirement that many of us realise we haven’t done enough. Sometimes it could be the loss of a partner or support person that thrusts the responsibility of assets and money management on our unprepared shoulders.

πŸ’• So what can we do to mitigate these problems? With professional support and a generous attitude to sharing financial knowledge, together we can help New Zealand women win with their finances.


🀍 Tickets now on sale! Entry charge/Koha of $35

🀍 Lunch, nibbles and drinks provided

🀍 Location: THE GALLERY Panama Square, Level 2, 14 Garden Place, Hamilton

We can't wait to meet you in person. Hope you have an awesome, financially savvy day!