We’re The Vive Tribe

...and we're are pioneering the new age of Financial Advice.

Maaru Senthil

Business Development Manager
Adviser in KiwiSaver & Insurance

Jith Rajenthiram

Founder & Director
Adviser in Insurance & ACC Restructure


Our job doesn’t just stop with giving financial advice.

- We take the hassle away from the claims process.
- A death, disability or illness to a loved one is very difficult from an emotional perspective.
- At the point of claim - you don’t want to be dealing with the Insurer/ Bank directly.
- We manage the process on your behalf to make it easier for you.

We provide three main solutions to our clients.

Living too long!

We're all living longer. That means we need more money to live. So... are you on track towards your first home/retirement goals?

Pre-mature death

As much as we don't want to think about death, the reality is real. Having the right type of advice and cover in place will protect you and your family

Unable to work

Statistically Kiwis are 2.5 times more likely to be affected by loss of income due to illness, than accidents. We advise on how you can financially protect yourself and your family.

Maaru's Story

“I’m a people’s person. I love connecting with people of different walks of life and building sustainable relationships with clients.”

Maaru joined Vive in January 2021. As a new financial adviser to the financial services industry, she brings a fresh outlook to everyone.

From her previous experience in Engineering and Construction, Maaru brings a wide array of skills such as project management skills, client relationship skills. She currently provides financial advice on KiwiSaver and Insurance, under the supervision of Jith (our senior insurance adviser). Maaru also has a keen interest in spreading financial education to the wider community and has helped pioneer many of our community financial literacy workshops.

Outside work, she plays many hats - ranging from being a makeup artist, to painting, singing and enjoying outdoor hikes, she loves living life to its fullest.

Jith's Story

“My passion is making quality financial advice available to every day Kiwis.”

Jith has assisted many families/ individuals with their personal Insurance needs in terms of life insurance, trauma/ critical illness insurance, income protection, permanent disability insurance and private health insurance. Most advisers in NZ are amazing with helping families with their Insurances. However very few advisers in our market have the expertise to assist business owners. 

Jith gives competent advice on business income protection, shareholder protection, key-person insurance, business debt protection, self-employed ACC disability cover, and employer group life and health insurance.

Jith has completed his NZ Certificate in Financial Services Level-5 in 2018. 
Prior to that he has completed University degrees in Bachelor of Science (major in Biomedical Science) and Bachelor of Commerce (major in Accounting and Finance).